Friday, 15 April 2016

Liverpool to Edinburgh and the madness inbetween!  💃

My Week

This blog has turned into a mishmash of three weeks, let me explain what happened. After the Easter break we started up again with a split week performing at the Liverpool Empire and the Edinburgh Playhouse.
So I decided I would write my blog on the four hour train trip Liverpool to Edinburgh. As it turned out my trip was not quite as straightforward as I thought. I hopped on the train in Liverpool and all was well, I had an hour to get to Wigan and so I started to write my blog.
I was very close to finishing the writing part, and I'd started to find the relevant photos etc on my iCloud, however both the phone signal and the wifi were terrible so before reaching Wigan I decided to save everything to my drafts as I usually do and continue once I was on the Edinburgh train in the hope that the connection would be better.
This is where things turn slightly for the worse. I was looking forward to this part of the journey as it meant I could finish my blog, read my book, eat and probably sleep. However as I got to the platform in Wigan I noticed quite a bit of commotion. Lots of people asking the train staff various questions and in return they looked back a little puzzled and slightly helpless, I knew things weren't good. The train to Edinburgh had been cancelled and I would have to get off at Carlisle wait for 1 hr at the station and then get the following train to Edinburgh. Luckily I had left Liverpool in plenty of time so I wasn't worried about being late, I was just frustrated that my journey turned out to be a bit more manic than I had hoped. To make matters a little worse, when I boarded the Carlisle train I thought I'd try carrying on with my blog only to find it was nowhere to be seen !! You can imagine at this point my frustration was growing. I searched high and low in every possible folder on my phone but to no avail. After quite some time of distress I eventually made the executive decision to let it go and leave it for another week. Even if I did try to start again with 4 shows in 3 days I would simply struggle with time. I decide to look at it as a positive, it meant I would have a bit more to write about this time round.

So now I can go back to the Easter break, I had most of the week off apart from the Friday and Saturday where Vincent and flavia I travelled to Dublin to do some PR and Perform on the Ray Darcy show for our week 7th till 11th June at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre. We don't often get the chance to perform in Ireland and Dublin is our only venue there on this tour so we hope to see lots of you there.

Because the week off was not a full week off, Jimi and I together with Pablo decided to make the most of our time and go away on a 2 day trip 'doggie friendly' of course. On the Tuesday we drove to a very pleasant oldie worldly hotel called The Powder Mills located just outside of Battle in Hastings. The hotel was set in 3.5 acres of land with its own lake. Luckily the weather was on our side and it was a glorious day so on arrival after a quick bite to eat we decided to explore the lake and beautiful surrounding grounds. As soon as we reached the lake and let Pablo off leash it was like he knew he was on holiday, he flung himself into the lake and decided to swim after 4 ducks who at this point were making a real racket and swimming for their lives. Once he realised he was not a duck and would probably be better off onshore with us he made a swift U turn and climbed back to dry land. During the rest of our walk round the lake the ducks followed us every step of the way, we even tried stopping and going the other was and they still followed, they were obviously protecting their lake from unwanted intruders and slightly nutty dogs.

We were loving the longer days and the signs of Spring, the sun was still shining and we decided to stay out and venture on a 45 min walk into the town of Battle across some beautiful pastures. We eventually got to what is a very pretty historic town with its quaint shops and cafes. We contemplated stopping for a coffee and have a break but by this time the day was getting on so we decided to head back to the hotel so we could all have a well deserved rest before dinner at 8pm.

The next morning we had a half hour drive to Camber Sands and the Gallivant hotel, we'd stayed here in November last year when it was very wet and windy but enjoyed it so much we decided to come back. Our room wasn't ready till 2pm and as we were a little early we decided to continue driving past Camber to the very edge of the map on our sat nav. About half an hour later we arrived in Dugness. I was probably the strangest surroundings we have been in, a little like what I imagine the set of a futuristic film to look like. The vast pebbled coast line was stunning as it was so immense but randomly placed all over the huge area were random looking houses and huts, some ultra modern and well kept next to some that were derelict and deserted. It was a slightly surreal place to be and I can't imagine what it must be like to live there.

After another walk round Dugness we headed back to the Gallivant, checked in and ready for yet another walk on camber sands beach. When the tide is out here it goes back for miles and it's a stunning sight. On top of that there are the most beautiful sand dunes which are such great fun for Pablo and just as much fun for us too. 

Once I returned from our lovely 2 days away I had Thursday to get my things together for the trip to Dublin. Before I knew it I was heading up to Liverpool for our next 5 weeks on tour. I couldn't have asked for a better audience to return to, Liverpool and Edinburgh never dissapoint us they are always so lively and loud just the way we like our audiences to be.
We are currently at the Marlow theatre in Canterbury this week another of my favourite places to visit.

Pablo's World

I just love holiday's, when the next one???

Yes Flavia fell over again ! And as always Me and Jimi were there ready to snap away. It's so much fun watching her trying to get up while we laugh.


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Tweets Of The Week

First tweet of the week goes to Pauline Clair ‏@PaulineClair

Second tweet of the week goes to Nicky Byrne Show 2fm ‏@nbshow2fm

By.Flavia news & tip of the week


This is going to be a very exciting year for the By.Flavia range, I'm still working on and perfecting my sweet almond oil scrub and matching bubble bath. Very much looking forward to sharing these new products with you all once I am completely happy with them. There will also be some exciting promotions in the lead up to Valentine's Day so watch this space for some not to be missed special offers.

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Final thought

Hope you have a great week, see you next time.

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