Monday, 29 February 2016

Wimbledon, the Outdoor Theater and Jenny's Incredible Story

Two weeks and two new venues, I didn't think it was possible that there were still theatres that we had not yet performed in.

Last week we took 'The Last Tango' to the Wimbledon new theatre right in the hustle and bustle of Wimbledon town centre. It is always nice to be central as it means there are lots of different options for food which is always a priority, to me anyway.

The theatre was very busy all week and we had some fantastic audiences so thank you to everybody that came to support us. Being so near London it always means that lots of friends, family, agents come to watch the show and so during the whole week the ambience on stage tends to be a little bit heightened which makes for some good performances.

This week is the last week of the first part of our tour and we end at another new venue 'The Hawth' in Crawley. A very modern and new theatre set outside the city centre, therefore a little more planning has to go into, what do we eat? Luckily I was commuting and therefore took a packed lunch with me every day, I had some delicious 'Mistry meals' to keep me going.

As most of you know I love walking and as I was having my packed lunch sitting at a garden table outside the theatre I realised that opposite me was a beautiful forest. Seeing as I'd arrived early and had a little time to spare, I went for a little walk, as I got slightly further into the forest following the muddy paths I came to a most surreal scenario, an outdoor theatre.

It was so lovely to see, there was a stage area and then the surrounding seating was all made of grass. A really clever idea and lovely little surprise for me to come across, if it had been Mediterranean weather I would have suggested taking 'The Last Tango' outside!

As I mentioned earlier, when we perform in venues near London we tend to get lots of friends, family colleagues etc coming to watch the show and this week was no exception. For Vincent and I it's often people we used to teach. So many times we meet people at stage door who say 'you won't remember but you taught us our wedding dance', others who were more regular students you see and recognise straight away. It always brings a smile to our faces as we recall that busy time in our careers. This week we met a lovely couple who we used to teach regularly in our classes. They had contacted me via email and said they'd like to say hello at stage door. Jenny has been through a transformation that simply blew both myself and Vincent away. it's such an incredible achievement that I asked if she would write a few paragraphs for my blog as I felt her story was so inspirational I just had to share it. Even if it inspires just one other person and encourages them, it's got to be worth it, trust me, you will be amazed!

Meet Jenny

After years of struggling with my weight, I was offered a place for a year on a 'Why weight' scheme, which included a suitable exercise programme and a 'for life' eating plan. Their aim was for me to lose 2- 3kg each month, so that the weight would stay off.

At the end of the year I'd lost over 4 stone but then everything just stopped and there
was no advice on what to do next. Having been to the classes at Guildford and also seeing Flavia and Russell Grant talk about it, I bought the Zalza DVD. It suited my level of fitness and I used it daily, I also found that the nutritional advice was compatible with my eating programme.

Eventually I discovered aquarobic classes at a leisure centre, then I joined their gym and two years ago learnt to swim, which culminated in swimming in a Swimathon last year where I swam 1 1/2 Km in under an hour. I've continued to use the DVD as it's
fun and easy to fit into my day.
I've now lost over 10 stone and I'm quite literally half the person I was!
My life now includes regular
visits to the gym, walking, swimming and dancing. I'm now fitter, healthier, happier and more confident than I've been for years,
shopping is also now a pleasurable experience! My only regret is not
doing it earlier.
I'm half the person I was and I've been at my ideal weight for 9 months now and managing to keep it there.I know its the keeping it off that is more difficult than losing
the weight! Jen

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