Monday, 14 March 2016

Woking, Lots of Food and Pablo!

This week we were lucky enough especially for me to be in Woking with 'The Last Tango', the closest of the venues to home, and after a week off it is a true bonus.

When I saw the outside of the theatre I wasn't sure if we were starting in a film or onstage, love it!

I do love the Woking Theatre especially because I believe it has the best seating layout for the audience. There are not many theatres where all the seats have a great view.

I guess the reason I am so aware of this is because we have so many family and friends and past students coming to watch the show, it is always very exciting receiving text messages of people from the past to let you know they will be at Stage Door to see you afterwards. I always find it a little bit emotional remembering back to the days where teaching was a part of our daily routine, but then I find most things emotional.

It was also the first time that many of my family came to see the show. I tend to get quite nervous beforehand when I know they are in, but then once the show actually starts I remind myself that I will be doing another show tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that so what's the point of getting nervous lol. I try mostly to focus on the story we are telling, rather than the dancing and allowing myself to become wrapped up in the music and nothing else. Which is sometimes easier said than done!!

One of the great bonuses about being home is I get to eat some fantastic food made by Jimi. Some of this weeks delights.

Flaky pastry open tart with spinach and mushroom, pinenuts and fontina cheese.

Salad TiƩde with poached egg and sourdough croutons, delicious!

I have also noticed a real positive change in Woking since the building work at the back of the theatre has been completed, a very pleasant square has been created with plenty of shops, great places to eat and obviously the very convenient Peacocks shopping centre.

Continuing on the food theme, because food is very important to me, two of my favourite places to eat are located minutes away from Stage Door, perfect!

The first is 'Carluccios' one of my favourite Italian restaurants, it is located in many of the cities and towns that we go to and I'm always hunting them down. My favourite thing on the menu is scrambled eggs and mushrooms on sourdough bread a cappuccino and a plain croissant.

Another of my favourites on Tour is 'Pret', there are so many around, I like the organic coffee they have together with the natural food. My favourite thing there is the avocado and crayfish salad, chocolate rice crackers and the lemon and ginger drink.

It wasn't till someone mentioned the other day that I realised that my dressing room is like a little supermarket, I'm always afraid of being hungry and to avoid that I always have a variety of things I like in case I get peckish and I can't get out in time. It's a horrible feeling dancing on an empty stomach so always good to have bits and pieces to hand. I often end up feeding Vincent who is not quite as well organised as I am.

All in all Woking has been a fantastic week, thank you to all our friends and family and audiences who have come to support us. It is quite unbelievable that we have been back to this theatre six times. Hope to be back again soon.

Pablo's World

Well this week I go from puppyhood to manhood, yes I am 1 !!

Flavia keeps telling me that I am a puppy till I'm 18 months but I don't believe her.. I was allowed to get very very mucky the day before my birthday which was really fun..


I am so happy to announce that my Tanning Mist will very soon be available online, it is one of my very favourite products. It gives you a beautiful deep rich tan, which is easily applied as a mist onto the skin and blended with a mitt. If you love your salon spray tan you will love my tanning mist.

Also check out the below link if you happen to be in or around Harrogate on the 6th May

Final thought

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  1. Hi Flavia and Vincent, just got home from your matinee show in Northampton. Wow!!! What a show and what an emotional roller coaster! I sighed all the way through the first half through the wooing and seduction, then cried through most of the second half through the loving, dying and hurting! I nearly sobbed out load during the last tango. Having said all that, the dancing was just beautiful and singing was just brilliant. When you two dance it's hard to decide whether to watch your feet or your faces; both are equally compelling. Can't believe it's the last show you'll dance together:-( Thank you so much

    Denise Niel, Milton Keynes.